" Mary and Kevin McCarty were featured in our documentary "The Patients Are Waiting: How HARPA Will Change Lives Now." We are saddened to share that on August 5, 2018, Kevin McCarty passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Mary, his wife of 38 years, was at his side.  Time is of the essence for every pancreatic cancer patient-- We need urgency and action to develop detection tools and curative treatments to save lives now. "

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I wrote this “verse” to honor my brother when he reached 18 months survival with stage IV pancreatic cancer ~

He’s My Brother
His name is Allan
Allan Mark Tilly
He’s my brother.

His name suits him.
It’s innocent and kind;
Unassuming like he is.
The sound of it pleases me.
He’ my brother.

Allan is thoughtful and intelligent;
He is honest and humble,
Sensible and sensitive.
He is not rich with possessions,
Not powerful or famous,
But he is an important man.
He’s my brother.

Allan is tall and handsome,
With soft hazel green eyes,
Beautiful teeth, the perfect nose.
He is also very ill.
Allan has cancer, stage IV pancreatic.
But he is not the cancer,
Not a diagnosis or a number.
He’s my brother.

Allan is a son, a brother, an uncle.
He is a father and a Pepe.
He is a man, a good man, a gentle man.
He’s my brother.

Allan may be sick, but he is not weak.
He is the bravest person I know.
He rarely complains,
Though he has every reason to.
He is my hero.
He’s my brother.

Our mother is French – a war bride.
Our father, a soldier, met her during
The Second World War.
This is how we came to be.
We share a past – memories;
Some good, some not.
But it’s our life, a family;
Three girls and a mother’s only son.
He’s my brother.

Allan does not need or want much;
He appreciates the smallest of pleasures.
He does not envy those with more
And he gives to those with less.
He knows what’s important in this life.
He’s my brother.

Allan has an amazing memory.
He’s the one I seek for things forgotten:
Dates, names, places and events,
Even trivia.
He is the keeper of the “books”,
He’s my brother.

Allan thinks, he ponders.
He dreams of memories past;
Of places seen and people met,
Of lessons learned along the way.
He talks, I listen.
He teaches unaware.
I try to learn from him,
The things I should already know.
He’s my brother.

Allan is often quiet and stays to himself;
Sometimes he is very talkative,
He might go on a tangent,
With “What ifs” and “Let’s say…”
But that’s all right,
I love the sound of his voice.
He’s my brother.

Allan has always kept a “low profile”,
His choice, his life.
Somewhat of a solitary man,
Yet a man highly regarded by
Those who know him well,
Or just in passing.
He’s my brother.

Allan gives to many causes,
Small gifts from his big heart.
He especially loves the children;
“They are the innocent ones “ he says.
He prays no child will suffer as he does.
He feels giving is good for his soul.
He sets an example I should follow more often.
He’s my brother.

Allan has regrets, we all do;
He should have done more,
Been more places, done things differently.
I tell him his life is as worthy as any other;
Remember, “A life spent only looking for The perfect cherry blossom, is not a life wasted.”
This is his life, an important life.
He’s my brother.

Allan still likes to tease,
Although not as often;
Especially his sisters. as in
Our youth, and his grandchildren.
I welcome it; a smile, some
Laughter shared.
He’s my brother.

Allan asks for so little;
A few hours without suffering,
A mild sunny day, A breeze on his face.
To be able to enjoy what we all take
For granted – a meal, or even a few
Bites of food.
I pray for him to receive these things.
He’s my brother.

He has his doubts, as everyone should,
But he works hard to accept the
Hand he’s been dealt.
He prays to God with “child-like faith”,
Even as his prayers go unanswered.
I question God; ask “why”;
He tries not to.
He’s my brother.

Allan is ready to go, but he also
Wants to stay.
He plans small adventures, little
Outings with his “day trippers”.
Some he takes, others he cannot.
He always says “Its good to
Have something to look forward to .”
He’s my brother.

He is “dancing with red-hot shoes";
Every second, every minute,
Every hour, each day –
But at least he’s still dancing.
I am selfish, he is not.
I want him to stay.
His life is like a roller-coaster.
He’s ready when it’s his time to get off,
I am not.
He’s my brother.

Allan likes to write, communicate by hand,
Compose a letter the old-fashioned way.
He is good with the written word;
I hope he approves of mine.
He’s my brother.

His name is Allan.
He’s my brother.
He always will be.
“As I go, I am wearing him.”
He’s my brother.

My dear brother passed away May 28, 2011 ~ two months after I wrote this. He was 62 years old. I miss him.


Alice Williams Jung lost her father, famous pianist, Roger Williams, on October 8th, 2011 following his seven month battle with pancreatic cancer. Alice continues to uphold her father’s legacy as she serves as a trustee to his music. As Roger played concerts in the midst of chemotherapy treatments, Alice saw her father demonstrate a fighting attitude.It was with this mindset that she too joined the fight against pancreatic cancer in his memory.

Alice Williams Jung

My baby sister in just 6 months from diagnosis died from this horrible disease.