American Cancer Society Releases Facts & Figures 2019

January 9, 2018

New American Society data reveals that despite falling cancer rates, pancreatic cancer death rates continue to rise.

Only 9% of pancreatic cancer patients live 5-years or more.

The current approach is NOT working.

We need HARPA to develop capabilities for disease detection, treatments & cures.

Launching HARPA

June 25, 2018

A segment from “The Patients Are Waiting: How HARPA Will Change Lives Now” Op-Ed: Early Detection is Good Business

November 15, 2018 published an op-ed written by our board member, Sandi Wright, about the economic and societal benefits of HARPA, the Health Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Here is a brief excerpt:

“We all have something to gain from the success of an innovative health establishment that is required to push the boundaries of modern research and treatment. Even though DARPA’s mission for the last 60 years has been to develop capabilities for national security, its collaborative research led to household products as profound as the Internet and as superficial as the Roomba. What might exist in 60 years because of HARPA: a pill that prevents cancer? Eye drops that make UV light visible? An immunotherapy treatment to thwart pancreatic cancer for those identified to be at risk?” – Sandi Drucker Wright

On World Pancreatic Cancer Day, Bob Wright Joins Fox Business, Good Day New York and NBC

November 15, 2018

Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, and with the flurry of non-stop news we cannot lose sight of the urgency of this disease… The Patients Are Waiting!

Since Suzanne Wright died two years ago, we have lost more than 95,000 Americans to pancreatic cancer.  Each day, 151 people are diagnosed.  Most are given months, not years, to live.

Despite medical advancements, there are NO early detection tests and NO curative treatments for pancreatic cancer.

Bob Wright was a guest on Fox Business, Good Day New York and NBC today to talk about pancreatic cancer, HARPA and share his thoughts on the latest GE developments.

Bob joins Neil Cavuto on Fox Business ahead of World Pancreatic Cancer Day

November 14, 2018

In advance of World Pancreatic Cancer Day, Bob Wright joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss pancreatic cancer, a disease that took his wife more than two years ago. Wright explained how his health initiative, HARPA, will drive federal research from the labs into the hands of patients. Click HERE to watch the full segment!

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